Rocking doll Roa(록킹돌 로아) 1st Mini Album 'LIAR' Pre-Order EVENT

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Hello, this is SRP Entertainment.

We are holding a Pre-order event for fans celebrating the release of Rocking doll Roa 1st Mini Album 'LIAR', so please check the information below and participate.

If you buy Rocking doll Roa 1st Mini Album "LIAR" during the application period, you will receive an album with Roa’s sign.

[Application Period]

2023/10/27 13:00(KST) ~ 2023/10/31 12:00(KST)

[How to participate]

During the application period, pre-order of the "LIAR" album through the address below

[Number of winners]

10 people (One per person)

[Announcement of the winners]

2023/10/31 18:00(KST)

-Precautions for application

1. You can participate in this event only in the name of the buyer (based on the name of the SRP ESHOP member ID).
※ It cannot be received or transferred by proxy, and the distributor and agency are not responsible for any damage caused by this.
2. Event entries are processed based on payment and deposit confirmation time, not order time.
3. Records purchased during the event cannot be canceled or refunded after the winner is announced.
4. Event entries and winners announcements are based on the name/contact information of the orderer.
5. If the order and recipient are different, the winner will be processed based on the recipient and the winning list will be directed to the order's account.
6. This event may be partially changed or canceled without prior notice depending on the agency's circumstances.

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